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Curriculum Overview


Cornerstones Curriculum theme overview



The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is designed to be flexible and adapt to the needs and interests of the children.  The Cornerstones themes provide suggested starting points and ideas.  Each theme begins as an interesting wondering question:-



Cornerstones EYFS themes




Am I the fastest?

Sports, physical activity and outdoor play

Are eggs alive?

Changes in nature during springtime

Can I have a dog yet?

Pets and how to look after them

Can we explore it?

Exploration, travel and discovery

Did dragons exist?

Castles, dragons, traditional tales and handsome princes

How does that building stay up?

Buildings and structures, houses and homes

How many colours in a rainbow?

Colour and pattern in the natural and man-made world

What is a reflection?

Mirrors, reflections and symmetry

What is a shadow?

Shadows, light sources and the sun

Where does snow go?

Winter weather, keeping warm and the properties of ice and snow

Which was the biggest dinosaur?

Dinosaurs, herbivores, carnivores and imaginary creatures

Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?

Food, keeping healthy and changes in state by cooking, freezing and melting

Why do leaves go crispy?

Seasonal changes in plants and animals

Why do spiders eat flies

Diversity of the natural world and the small creatures that inhabit it

Why do you love me so much?

Themselves, family, feelings and emotions

Why is water wet?

Properties of water and where it comes from




We plan our Cornerstones themes over a two year cycle.

Year A is 2015/16

Year B is 2016/17

Please click on the links below to look at a Curriculum Map setting out subject coverage for each theme.

Year-1 Themes curriculum map.pdf

Year-2 Themes curriculum map.pdf

Year-3 Themes curriculum map.pdf

Year-4 Themes curriculum map.pdf

Year-5 Themes curriculum map.pdf

Year-6 Themes curriculum map.pdf