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Special Educational Needs


Please see below for information on our special educational needs, SEN provision, SEN Policy, SEN Policy Summary and our Accessibility Plan. 

Local Offer for SEN and Disability

Leslie Manser Special Educational Needs Information Report 2019/20

SEN Policy

SEN Policy Summary

Accessibility Plan

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator is Mrs. Emma Lintin.

It is estimated that approximately 20% of all children will experience some difficulties during their school careers.  These may be in learning, behaviour, medical or social.

Mrs. Lintin and our extremely experienced and well qualified team of staff ensure that the support for these children in our school is of an excellent standard.  We endeavour to establish a good relationship with the children and ensure that they feel secure and well supported within their learning environment.  Parents are kept well informed at all times of progress with termly review meetings and Mrs.Lintin is always happy to have meetings with parents who may have questions or concerns. 

If your child is experiencing problems in school, their class teacher will pass on his or her concerns first to you, the parent and then to Mrs. Lintin who will then monitor your child's progress and do a classroom observation.  Various assessments may also be carried out. 

Following this you will be invited in for a meeting and it may be suggested that your child is placed on the 'Special Needs Register'.  This means they will be given a pupil profile which will have some targets for the next term. The pupil profile will also show you how the school is going to help your child and suggest ways in which you can help at home.  Initially your child will be at the 'school support' stage which means that their class teacher will monitor their progress very carefully and invite you in for a progress report every three months - Christmas/Easter and Summer.  These meetings will usually coincide with the termly Parent's Meetings.   

If it is felt that your child needs additional help and that expected progress is not being made we will suggest that an outside agency becomes involved.  The school has access to a number of such agencies including the Educational Psychologist (EP) the Specialised Teaching Team (STT) the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), the Social Communication Outreach Team, the Speech and Language Team (SALT) and the Sensory Impaired service and School Nursing Service. 

If your child requires additional support from an outside agency, a representative from that agency will come into school to observe and assess your child.  Sometimes they may work with your child. We will always keep you aware of who is involved and what is happening and all the agencies are happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns.  Once an agency is involved they work closely with the class teacher to inform the pupil profile and to advise on teaching and classroom strategies.  As before there are termly review meetings but this time they are held with Mrs. Lintin, the class teacher and, if possible, the representative from the agency.

In some cases, where there are many agencies involved we recommend that a 'TEAM ABOUT THE CHILD'   (TAC) meeting is opened . This helps us to get all the people concerned in the same room every 6-8 weeks and makes the whole system a lot more effective.  It is particularly useful where you, the parents, are also experiencing problems at home. 


USEFUL WEBSITES:  -  if you would like someone to attend meetings with you or simply someone to talk to about your child's special educational needs then this is the website to look at.  -  this is a nationally based charity providing legally based advice to families on SEN.